About Us

SAACHI is a line of exclusive, chic fashion accessories that embody true Indian artisanship with a modern edge. In the finest tradition of couture work, all SAACHI accessories are meticulously handcrafted in India from the finest quality of raw materials into pieces of wearable art that express warmth with elegance.  

Our company prides itself on its eclectic collection, from designer evening wraps and cashmere scarves, to tunics, jewelry and one-of-a-kind jackets. 
From Palm Beach to Nantucket to Madison Avenue, people keep coming back to us for our hand-embroidered slides for their comfort and style. Known for its dramatic design of luxury handmade textiles, Saachi products come in a variety of styles, sizes and shades, with a different inspiration every season.

Saachi can be found at specialty boutiques around the world. Be it a bridal event, a graduation ceremony, an evening out or just watching TV at home, the Saachi collection will make you stand out and be proud of your chic style.